A Christmas market like a fairytale …«The Christmas Factory»

Once upon a time… four times actually…at Technopolis in Athens, Aris and Maria dreamed the most fabulous Christmas and made it happen! Once again for this year, the most favorite Christmas factory is open for all, families, children even the older ones with a refreshed image, with even more festive decor, with delicacies, exciting events and activities for children! For us the Lifelikes team, is the second time that we participate with our pop up store in this Christmas fest and as more ‘experienced’ we decided to share with you our experience!

For those who do not know the Christmas factory, is very close to our showroom, just 10 minutes walk! Therefore, if you dont find us you know where will be! We are looking for any chance to be there every day. Perhaps the preparation of your Christmas gifts is in our workshop nearby, but how can we give a fairytail touch to them if are not inspired? But it is not terrible to have a Czech warm brioche Mr Rolly, festive drink toffee nut from Starbucks, live Christmas melodies, pastries, incredible falafel from “falafeladiko” and many more …

It is magical to watch between the  high chimneys of Technopolis, to grow a glowing Christmas tree 15 meters. The back lit wheel and the wooden market stores create an atmosphere that take us directly to the real Santa’s Village. So this year, for this holidays, prefer to do your Christmas purchases differently. Given that the process of buying and gift selection is what pleases us and gives us satisfaction, forget the shopping malls that we usually visit and live the ultimate experience in Christmas factory.

Giving 5.5 Euro for a ticket of two, will have the opportunity to do your shopping in the theme park with your friend or with the whole family. And do not worry about the extra cost of the entrance after we attended a discount up to 20% to our creations in the LifeLike pop up store, offering you a different shopping experience.

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