Bangle Me!

The most fashionable bracelets of the season!

Fashion requires delicate and refined bangles that can be combined or worn separately and make a nice difference to your looks

Bangles this year returned powerfully in fashion world and in the most chic version … If you want to give another touch to your appearance, see Lifelikes bangles and how you can combine them and create your own unique look.

We picked three top bangles from our collection to present you …

  1. All the girls love the game with the eyelash blink. Bangle bracelet with the engraved lashes belongs to the “Eye” collection. It is a design that we love and we are sure that you will love it too!βεργα-ματια

You can wear a lot together in one hand and similar number to the other without troubling yourself wearing any other accessories!





2. A bangle with quotes, a – Must have – bracelet, of the “Basic” collection can change your entire look and mood with a unique daily quote.










3. A minimal thin golden wavy bangle. A thin bangle is enough to give a chic and classy style to your outfit. Wear it along with the rest of your charms, impress with your mix and match patterns for a more glam-chic look! The strongest point is that wearing bangles there is no restriction to honor your multi-ring style which is another hot trend!



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