Lifelikes Pet Charm

You all love and get crazy with Lifelikes charms “Other Half” collection!
That’s right! You got it! Those charms that you can find them two as a set in one card. Most of the times are identical and sometimes are completing one another or have a different meaning. One charm is for you and the other half is for sharing with your other half…. Your mum, your love, your sister or brother or your best friend.

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Because there are some very good and faithful friends that are not “put up” with bracelets, charms, we designed unique charms for sharing with them. The new Pet charms appeal to all of you, the pet Lovers and form a complete jewelry collection exclusively for you and your four-legged friend.

Share your love and feelings with your dog or with your cat. Wear the charm in your hand and hang the other half on the collar of your pet. An ideal gift to give away to your friends, showing them how well you know and recognize their love for their dog.

We will introduce you our collection and you only have to pick the one that you like.

Show your love to your dog hanging on his/her collar a heart-shaped pendant while you wore the matched in bracelet.

Pet Bone

Choose a characteristic bone for both of you and make it even more personalized! You can order to engrave the name of your dog on the wristband and your name to the charm of the dog.
Make a gift to a friend and will certainly be one of the gifts that will be unforgettable.

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Pet eye

Chose the Pet eye charm, the charm of the characteristic symbol of a paw and an evil eye in the center of the charm so you don’t have any chance of bad luck  in your walks. And because of Christmas almost have arrived we created a special charm that you can share it with your pet.

New Year Pet

Wear your lucky charm for the 2017 with a unique set for both of you. Share your luck or better  double it for the new year.

Ps. We look forward to your photos !!!